Athens- London based artist

born 1995.

06.17 I Co-founder of ERGO Collective, Athens, Greece (ergocollective.org).

Group Exhibitions

11.19 | 'On the Edge of the Blade we run', curated by Alexandros Tzannis, PLYFA Factory, Athens, Greece.

11.19 | 'Momentum of the Self in Portrait', by ERGO Collective, ERGO Collective space, Athens, Greece.

07.19 | 'Marketing Suite Publication Launch', Assembly Point, London, U.K. 

15.03-09.06.2019 | 'Aube immédiate, vents tièdes' curated by Victorine Grataloup and Diane Turquetye, Mécènes du sud, Montpellier, France. (http://www.mecenesdusud.fr/article/exposition-aube-immediate,-vents-tiedes---montpellier-391.html)

02.19 | 'Critical Cartographies: Marketing Suite', Fillet, London, U.K. 

12.18  | 'I reply: by want him to know (that) i wai him to know; him to know; they saw it in a dream.' curated by The Gold Figure, Studio59, London, U.K.. 

02.18 | 'Flick Ratio: Degenerative Origins Between the Third Possibility' curated by the Gold Figure, Space52, Athens, Greece.

06.18 I 'The Workshop' by ERGO Collective, Latraac, Athens, Greece. 

06.18 I 'The Thinginess of The Thing' curated by The Gold Figure, Hammer Cafe, Basel, Switzerland.

04.18 I 'My Life As A Succulent Pattern' curated by The Gold Figure (thegoldfigure.com), Popupbastille, Paris, France 

12.17  I 'Here and Now 3: In Flux or Flex' by ERGO Collective, Art Factory, Athens, Greece.

11.17   I 'Here and Now 2: Entro- pic' by ERGO Collective, Space52, Athens, Greece.

11.17   I 'Dust' curated by The Gold Figure, Blasé, London, U.K..

10.17  I 'Here and Now 1b: A Screening of the Sea' by ERGO Collective, State of Concept, Athens, Greece.

10.17  I 'Here and Now 1a: A Screening of the Sea' by ERGO Collective, Old Stone House, Kimi- Platana, Greece. 

06.17 I 'Goldsmiths Degree Show', London, U.K.. 

07.16  I 'OONO Launching Event' by OONO,  BIOS Romantso Creative Hub, Athens, Greece. 


2018- 2020 I MA Hons Sculpture, Royal College of Art, London, U.K.. 

2014- 2017   I BA Hons Fine Art & History of Art, Goldsmiths University of London, U.K..

2013- 2014   | Foundation Year in Art and Design, Camberwell College of Arts, London, U.K..


NEON Organisation for Culture and Development, 2018-2020 (https://neon.org.gr/en/).