_left to right individual titles: AlphaWave, DeltaWave, ThetaWave
_mild steel,200 x 400 x 2mm [each], 2021


romantic speculations of virtual environments are my way of exploring the irreducibly complex subject of our

relation to time. a compulsive escapism drives my need for world making, which realises within a hybrid understanding between physical and digital layers of reality. memories of the past and the future

explore possible realities of the now:

_time as space [overlapping moments of a slightly present]


Inspired by my latest CGI-based practise, DepartingFromBetaState series is part of a body of work, focusing on the properties of steel. Lucid images of the mind are brought to life through reflections, corrosion patterns and colours, native to the metal’s own materiality.

shown at SPACE LAPSE, RCA2020, Royal Society of Sculptors
12-19 June 2021


_CGI render, 3174x1920, 2021