solo exhibition: 
_overlapping moments of a slightly present

In the desert
what appears close is further than you assume;
your sense of space and time collapses under the vastness
                                          -in the desert you are close to death and more alive than ever-
This place is not rendered on a human scale.

In the virtual
what appears close is further than you assume;
your sense of space and time collapses under the vastness
                                          -in the virtual world you are neither dead or alive-
This place is not rendered on a human scale.

Reflections on water were replaced by mirrors and the human would now always be accompanied by its fragmented virtual image; it’s disembodied self looking back at them. Today our image arrives with delay; reflections are replaced by simulation and new cars have micro-cameras instead of side mirrors. Space and time are disintegrating and folding into themselves.

Drones and satellites have replaced our eyes feeding us global memories; images and videos of moments we never experienced -places we never embodied. Windows and screens share the property of presenting their audience with a two-dimensional world, voided by other senses than vision. With the increase of CGI, the reality of this image-world becomes increasingly difficult to validate and potentially unimportant. These worlds are for ethereal travellers of the mind.

MONDAY_MORNING[DT27012020_HRS8_GMT3] and THURSDAY_NIGHT[DT17042020 _HRS20_GMT3] print series are captured moments of a fleeting virtual reality. A distant quiet desert is rendering in real time through the computer game moment[1.3], by connecting to the system clock of the user’s computer. Hazy blue skies and deep blue nights extend from our screen to the vastness of the sandy hills. The dissociated self divides and multiplies to engage with multiple presents- it runs into itself and observes silently its own silhouette looking away.

                                                                          theTelescope monitors Saigon when it’s sleeping.
[exhibits’ specifications]:

_10 x prints: Glossy ChromaLux digital prints, custom-made aluminium support structure for hanging, dimensions vary, [2020-21]

_MONDAY_MORNING[DT27012020_HRS8_GMT3] print series
[1]: 22 x 55 cm
[2]: 20 x 91 cm
[3]: 17 x 85 cm
[4]: 19 x 103 cm
[5]: 23x 94 cm
[6]: 17 x100 cm
[7]: 24 x 60 cm

_THURSDAY_NIGHT[DT17042020 _HRS20_GMT3] print series
[1]: 10 x 127 cm
[2]: 24 x139 cm
[3]: 17 x 105 cm

_landscape created using a game engine and exists as a virtual environment in the form of a downlodable computer game, titled: ‘moment[1.3]escape.now_plastic and malleable the time is yours, and yet days drip through your fingers like sand’, available online:

_the titles of the series provide information of the exact date, time and time zone in which the specific photograph was taken in, since the computer game has been coded in such a way to calculate the exact position of the sun according to real time data

_custom-made print support structure: Christopher Towers

_computer game support: Kam Raoofi

_since all presence is presence at a distance
soundscape, Arduino-powered motor, Raspberry Pi, switches, custom-made steel and perspex structure, speaker, iPod touch, +endless cables, 2450 x 100 x 100 cm, [2021]

_sound: Beatrice Vorster

_custom-made structure: Christopher Towers

_physical computing support: Ioannis Galatos

full colour, no sound, CGI, screen, DVD, DVD player, on loop, 5.40 min, [2021]