reflexive self mutation

_a collaboration between Beatrice Vorster and Ellie Antoniou

_2 x (Digital photograph, CGI, Glossy ChromaLux Aluminium print, perspex base with stainless steel holders)

_2 x (155 x 540 x 40 mm) , 2021

shown at BAMBI WOODS PRESENTS group exhibition:



May 20-30, 2021

Bambi Woods function like a radio that never announces its programme in advance. Initiated in 2019 and gathering contributions from over fifty voices, Bambi Woods are a collective enunciation springing from the anonymity of murmur, a molecular vibration infiltrating processes of individuation while encrypting the status of the author. Like a balaclava-covered DJ sticking black tape on their records’ labels, B.W. distribute chains of reactions and affects that are no longer based on recognition and identification.

Bambi Woods’ next intervention will take place across two mirroring spaces, ERGO Collective and Space52, both located in Athens. Combining curating, art making, poetry and performance, Bambi Woods Presents is an assemblage of ready-mades, radio stations, internet portals, photographic slides and not-yet-determined works of art that will attempt to recode architectonic forms of authorship through delegated chains of commands and mechanical processes. Throughout the project, B.W. will shapeshift into constellations of nameless entities, inviting the audience to follow a story without script in which power play, meaning production and the ideological figure of the ‘present author’ dissolve into a cadavre exquis of situations. Less a manipulation of the real than a simulated reality, Bambi Woods Presents deals with the phantom of wording and unfolds like a game of which the only rule is to be a game without rules.


The ordinary can be understood as a shifting assemblage of things that happen and are felt in impulses, encounters, and habits of relating. These things that happen are intensive and immanent.

As a black shapeshifter, Bambi Woods is a multimedia and inter-disciplinary artist, writer and teacher who is based in London, Athens, Berlin and the Netherlands. Having studied and taught in various institutions such as University of the Arts London, Slade School of Art, Goldsmiths, John Ruskin School, Lancaster University, University of Aegean, Royal College of Art and many more; their work spreads across aesthetic languages to trace the aspirations, paradoxes and failures of concepts situated within experiences of society and identity.

This exhibition is funded by ΝΕΟΝ Organization for Culture and Development.

[exhibits’ specifications]:

_10 x prints: Glossy ChromaLux digital prints, custom-made aluminium support structure for hanging, dimensions vary, [2020-21]

_MONDAY_MORNING[DT27012020_HRS8_GMT3] print series
[1]: 22 x 55 cm
[2]: 20 x 91 cm
[3]: 17 x 85 cm
[4]: 19 x 103 cm
[5]: 23x 94 cm
[6]: 17 x100 cm
[7]: 24 x 60 cm

_THURSDAY_NIGHT[DT17042020 _HRS20_GMT3] print series
[1]: 10 x 127 cm
[2]: 24 x139 cm
[3]: 17 x 105 cm

_landscape created using a game engine and exists as a virtual environment in the form of a downlodable computer game, titled: ‘moment[1.3]escape.now_plastic and malleable the time is yours, and yet days drip through your fingers like sand’, available online: ellieantoniou.me

_the titles of the series provide information of the exact date, time and time zone in which the specific photograph was taken in, since the computer game has been coded in such a way to calculate the exact position of the sun according to real time data

_custom-made print support structure: Christopher Towers

_computer game support: Kam Raoofi

_since all presence is presence at a distance
soundscape, Arduino-powered motor, Raspberry Pi, switches, custom-made steel and perspex structure, speaker, iPod touch, +endless cables, 2450 x 100 x 100 cm, [2021]

_sound: Beatrice Vorster

_custom-made structure: Christopher Towers

_physical computing support: Ioannis Galatos

full colour, no sound, CGI, screen, DVD, DVD player, on loop, 5.40 min, [2021]